MakeUp Or BreakUp: A Swift Rise to the Top

This was an interesting prototype to work on. Given only a week, and a trash bag of goodies, we had to come up with a game that best represented our given restrictions to work in.

We had to make a game designed for non gamers, with an impressionistic art style and aesthetics revolving around Taylor Swift (Yes I know…). In our trash bag we got a picture of dressed up dog, a paint brush and an image of a black and white swirl.

We came up with a Taylor Swift inspired dating AND breaking up sim where the player manipulates celebrities to gain fame and climb the social ladder.

Screenshot (21).png

A satirical play on dating sims where the dialogue is over the top and the player is rewarded for being manipulative and using celebrities for personal gain. Player can break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend at opportune times to get even more famous. Fame is our game’s currency and the player can make micro-transactions (not really…)to get more of it and go out with higher profile celebrities more quickly.

Fun times.


My Contribution

For this project I worked on the profile pages and the characters dress up page, setting up their UI and meta data regarding how much much fame you have, how it is required for dating new celebrities, how it gets updated after dates and how the dress affects the success of the date etc.


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