Kudzu: The Wilds

Kudzu: The Wilds is a 2D top-down god-simulator, where your aim is to keep the animals alive by keeping the Eco-system balanced. As game time progresses (in year long intervals) new events may occur to disrupt the environment, ranging from campers to a red ant invasion!

Clicking on an animal would show you what it is thinking!

This was the third game for my game prototype class and my first Unity game. I had a lot of fun making this game, and by fun I mean I spent long hours on this game (and I mean long hours…)

My Contributions

For this prototype I did most of the UI elements as the game-play is built around the player placing animals into the game world. The yearly event system which may generate a new random event every year (we cheated and had fixed events for our presentation but it can have random ones…)  I also wrote the base AI code for the animal wild life and how they interact with each other.

Animal Food Chain

The most essential part of this project was how the animals behaved and interacted with each other. I set up the system to be modular such that each animal would have a set of basic defining characteristics like Herbivore/Carnivore, walk/run speed, what it eats, hunger and happiness meters etc.

Based on these factors the animals had further specific behaviors e.g if an animal was defined as a carnivore, being an apex predator, it had the behavior of ‘hunting for prey’, wherein it would look for the closest source of food (within a certain radius). Moreover, for animals with more than one source of food I had a priority list set up where it would prefer the food it likes the most (if available of course).

An ‘info’ page describing the eating habits of all creatures in the game

The different behavior ‘states’ for animal were based on its current needs which could vary from looking for food to hiding from predators.

This system made it quite easy to add any type of animal even if it were something completely new. E.g animals dying created corpses which were piling up in game so, to counter that, we created a new carrion type animal (vulture) which would get rid of these carcasses.


The next big part of the game was the UI. Since the game requires the player to place animals into the game to keep the system balanced. I had a UI bar at the bottom of the screen from where you could drag and drop animals and trees into the game world. It was a simple yet intuitive system where if you dragged an animals image onto the game world, a ray cast would detect where the mouse clicked and spawn the corresponding animal there

I also made a counter on the bottom left which kept track of the number of animals in the game world. Clicking on anyone of these would snap the camera to the nearest animal of that type (a cool thing my fellow engineer implemented!)

There was also a year based event system in the game. A button on the top right corner of the screen would play a page flip animation and advance the game world by a year. With each each year there was a random chance of an event which would create scenarios for the play to adapt to and overcome.


All in all this was a 2-week prototype and all of us on the team were very proud of the final product.

For more info and if you wanna play the game go here!

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