And I Must Scream

And I Must Scream is a psychological thriller/horror game where you play as a 12 year old boy Max, stuck in a surreal landscape where you are a prisoner. Your main aim is to try and escape while trying to figure out the mystery behind why you are here.

Concept game-play


My Contributions

As this project is a work in progress, my role as an engineer is ever evolving. As for what I have already implemented:

The game gives the player two abilities Push and Channel. Pushing is an ability with which you are able to clear obstacles from your path as well as push away enemies while channeling helps you transform some objects in game to different effects. E.g it might open up shortcuts or new paths etc.

Gameplay GIF
The ‘Push’ ability

The cool thing about this is that the system is built in such a way that I can mix and match these two abilities. E.g A wall might be pushed over to form a bridge, but before that you might have to channel it to change it from a spike wall to a plane one etc.

The possibilities are endless (or limited by our designers creativity…)

‘Channeling’ that object turned it into a t.v (and also opened up a shortcut!)

Each of the players actions has sounds associated with it (although you cant hear it here…), from footsteps to pushing to channeling. I also added sounds to the various behaviors of the scary spider monster you can see in the gifs.

The other major aspect of the game that I worked on was changing the environment. This works in a similar way to what was seen in PT (playable teaser for the cancelled Silent Hill game). The player goes through the same environment again and again but for every repetition the environment warps and changes.

This task was challenging since our levels were vertical i.e. the player is always climbing upward (instead of going sideways).

Sample audio for channeling.

I take no credit for creating these sounds, (made by our amazingly talented sound designer), just for implementing them into the game, for which I used Wwise and its plugin for UE4.

This includes sounds ranging from the player, the environment, the jailer and music for the game.

For more updates follow us on our Facebook page!

We plan on releasing the game on steam.

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