A Pirate’s Life

This project was part of my internship at NOVA, building medical experiences and early diagnosis games for children. Since I was under an NDA I cannot disclose everything that I worked on specifically, but being the only engineer on the project I was tasked with building a complete experience which involved a story with dialogue choices, activities to perform, navigation in an expansive game world using gesture recognition.

The biggest challenge I was was that the game was to be made inter-actable without the use of mouse and keyboard, instead relying on touch and gesture recognition for everything from movement to navigation to NPC interaction.

The game required an inventory system for collecting items, a dialogue system for interaction with NPC, and different activities which the user could do inside the world.And all of this was to be done within a very short time frame of a month and a half.

I unfortunately can’t post any screenshots or videos but if you are interested you can contact them directly for more details on their website

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