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Category: AI Engineering

AI Decision Trees & Behavior Trees

The final part of this three part project (which started with Movement algorithms, going on to Pathfinding) involves setting up an architecture which will allow the Boids (characters in the simulation) to make decisions. This architecture will allow the authoring of Decision trees and/or Behavior trees which can then be used in the decision making process. The GitHub project can be found here. Revising The Top Level Architecture First and foremost, I needed to re-do how a Boid character was defined in the program. Up until now, I had completely… Read more AI Decision Trees & Behavior Trees

AI Movement Algorithms

For this project I implemented the various basic movement algorithms commonly used by CPU controlled bots for movement. This project was implemented using openFrameworks for Visual Studio (C++). These algorithms are based on those discussed in the book “Artificial Intelligence for Games by Ian Millington”. While I implemented these algorithms in 2D (for simplicity), converting them to 3D is a trivial task. You can download and play around with the project from my GitHub Kinematic Motion – A boid The first part of the project focuses on creating a simple… Read more AI Movement Algorithms