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Final Project Update

For my final project I was planning on building a simple doom clone where the player will control view the world from a first person perspective and be able to move around and fire “bullets” using keyboard input. There will not be enemies but objects in the world which the player will be able to shoot and destroy (using the Collision system I built). I was also planning on using Shantanu’s (Shantanu Pandey) Audio system for sounds for bullet firing and object being hit. (I am yet to implement this… Read more Final Project Update

Collision System – Update II

This update I won’t be talking about much except what decisions I’ve made as to how I’m setting everything up. Right now I have a Physics class in the Physics project which handles keeping track of all the collidable objects. This object is just the sRigidBodyState struct which I’ve modified to also store collision data. There is an update loop which will handle detecting collisions. Since for now there is only collision detection the pseudo code looks like this -> Update() {  // Per frame TryMoveObjects(); Loop through all objects… Read more Collision System – Update II

Collision System – Update I

Before I can actually start coding something for the collision system there were two main considerations that I had to make. First what kind of bounds should I use as my colliders. I have a choice (based on the amount of time I have) between Axis aligned bounding box (AABB) but in 3D and, sphere colliders. The first hurdle was how to calculate the coordinates for my collider bounds. Turns out this is pretty easy to extrapolate from the mesh coordinates for the game object. For a sphere collider, averaging… Read more Collision System – Update I