Final Project Update

For my final project I was planning on building a simple doom clone where the player will control view the world from a first person perspective and be able to move around and fire “bullets” using keyboard input. There will not be enemies but objects in the world which the player will be able to shoot and destroy (using the Collision system I built). I was also planning on using Shantanu’s (Shantanu Pandey) Audio system for sounds for bullet firing and object being hit. (I am yet to implement this part)

For now I was focused on making a new game class and adding collision to the camera class so it can work with the physics system. This will allow me to register collisions for the player (although a I don’t know what I’ll use it for since I don’t have a fail state right now).

I have also worked on first person controls for the camera since this was an earlier optional challenge that I had not done. So now the camera can move (and rotate) in the game world along the x and z directions and can register collisions if they occur.

The biggest problem I see myself facing is building out a level and placing objects at meaningful locations. Since I don’t know where an object ends up until I build and play I have to rely on guesstimating  based on the position values I set for each object. I might use Varun’s system for making this process faster.

As of now I don’t have any plans for adding movable objects to the game but I might change my mind based on how much time I have left when I get to it!

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